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My Special Talent
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My Special Talent

I was never the best at anything.
Or maybe only for a while.
Just as I thought I might be.
I went into denial.

I used to be good at Martial Arts,
Then my friend Sarah came and kicked my arse.
I thought I might try swimming next.
But I was always 2nd best.

I realised I maybe wasn't good at sports.
I can't swim, run or ride a horse.
I knocked beauty off my list.
For I was smart and fat, with pointed teeth.

I tried music, singing, dancing too.
But at each I was told 'Sorry, not for you.'
Now I decided I had to be smart.
That worked for a while, and from the start.

Then I started a new school with new teachers, new people.
And then I knew that I was feeble.
I summed up my life, took everything in.
Then I thought that poems were my thing.

Just as I was sure of this.
Another friend came with poems on her list.
And now I am in search again.
For something to set me apart from all them.

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Comments (3)

''You found it, Keep it'' Good Job!
Very interesting poem, it's virtually impossible to become the best at something nowadays unless it's very specific.
Bcuz u r so hard on urslef Everything seems to be bigger than it is Somtimes u hav to be posotive To u and ur life Right? OK? Now get out there and Grin