OW (29-5-1945 / Hobart Tasmania)

My Spirit Flickers In Eternal Light

I am The Sunrise I am the Sunset I am the Eternal Light.
My spirit flickers like the flame of a candle that never extinguishes,
In life I was as fragile as a crystal glass,
I humanized with the rhythm of life,
Now my spirit fly’ s with the eagle,
I glide from mountain tops,
Down through valley’ s,
Over the prairie,
My time is endless,
My tasks unlimited,
My boundaries in infinity,
I can now see all— and become all,
I am within all,
My family is always within my grasp,
The tears that flow I wipe away,
I caress the head and capture every word that’ s said,
So do not cry my memory lives in you,
Here where I dwell is full of rainbows,
Full of golden rays,
I walk with the Great Spirit down the path of endless beauty,
Through forests as old as time,
We bath in enchanted streams that mirror our reflections,
howing perfect form and no afflictions,
There is no age upon our faces,
No hunger pains,
No coldness,
No hate or corrupted souls,
For here all is forgiven,
Love is supreme,
You can be where you want to be,
So to my family,
My brother Eagle Thunder I am with you,
Do not be sad,
Or feel sorrow,
Or hate for those who stole my life,
My future,
For I now live for ever in a place that does not end,
We will be together again,

(Posted by: cougartracks/Written for my brother Eagle Thunder./Choctaw.)

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