TTO ( / Washington State)

(((My Stalker Has Returned)))

...Got my stalker back, YEP, its true...
...Under a new and fancy pen name...-
...He thinks that hes ' cute and clever'
...And that he'll get no blame;

...He knows pretty much 'our set up'-
...Speaks of the wall of veneer...-
...That would be the dividing wall...-..
...Between the eye and here;

...Mentioned The Spider! ! !
...Mentioned The Attic! ! !
...Now we are here to tell you all...-
...That Our Stalker Is Back-
...Delivering 'His Static'! ! !

...Clever handle these days...
...Goes by a Monster Metal Name-
...Believe that it is 'Something DragonHearted'
...Turning it all over to you-its now 'YOUR' game;

A British Song***
Written in 1941
By Elton Box
And Desmond Cox


...I've got sixpence
...Jolly, jolly sixpence
...I've got sixpence to last me all of my life
... I've got Twopence to spend
...And Twopence to lend
...And Twopence to send home to my wife-poor wife;
From: The Attic Of My Heart (MY HOME LITERALLY)
Last in my series: Madness
Dedicated to: Mr. F. Bilbo of Quality, Christian Bowen, Michael, aka Andy aka, Ismael, Basil R. Sir William (Who put him up to the write,) , and all of the rest of you. It is out of our hands as of this evening at 10: 30 P.M. Central time. October 26,2009
To Mr.DragonHearted: YOU DO KNOW THE LAYOUT WELL(or should we say, The manic who put you up to writing that poem knows our layout well...Motely Crue and all.)
THE only ones who understood your poem...
Were the people involved in this investigation! ! !
Cannot wait for our day in court with YOU!
And or the: 'Malicious Hate filled Manic person' who put
You up to writing that particular poem and continues
To write his own under a different husbands first name.

Thank you everyone who helped with this!

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Theo....A sad state of affairs indeed, i must summise....but one i know you will no doubt address and put behind you in quick order. Astute penning, young lady despite a not-so auspicious inspiration.''All good always comes to they who take providence as their daily bread...even if an order of patience and perserverence must be served at first''....Rock On, lass! F j R