My Stella - 11 - Witness

- - My stella - - 11

Coming close to thy feet,
I find a corner place,
A trifle being thou hast made me sit under thy luscious shade,
The colours of desire manifold kind turns into emptiness,
and thou colour me in meditative rapture and rejoice.
Thy infinite love showers on me and I am out of my self,
The self absorbed self to selfless service,
thou hast invoked in me a glimpse of what is not,
My pain for little things evanishes into painless pit of zero.
Clouds of doubt for my own personal inertia and oppressed mind for future to hold in present melt away from my self,
A mirror of me thou put before me and my stella is reflected in the stillness of my mind.
Tears roll in windy way from heart to being with thy name and I am lost in this abysm of great fullness,
My stella and my being art synonymous to thee.
I have nothing to do and nothing to gain,
Only a silent visitor and witness the change.

by Prabir Gayen

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Witness is beautiful...........good poem
nothing to do, right and true