My Stella - 13- Let Us Repose

- - - My stella - - 13
Let us repose

She wast in the cave of heart and I wast an oblivious soul,
Like a forgotten dream I roamed inside a box of being,
A soul sucked in delirious dream and a creature of homeless land,
She slept as a dormant volcano in the shrine, inmost reign of soul,
Unbearable sorrow did I get and a gap of two worlds ensued,
A soulless shell and a tube of empty space became I and for thy wakefulness spent thousand years, waiting and waiting,
Thou came as an unknown traveller,
season of eternal spring.
My heart recognised thy eyes and pain of similar rhyme,
O stella let me sleep till the conversation of the genesis and have my soul back.
O stella embrace me in thy passionless bosom cooled by time.
A painless death do I penchant for fullness to dawn and rejuvenation beyond time.
We art one and live one with bodiless sky in time's grandiose breast.

by Prabir Gayen

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Repose within repose outside...........good poem....