My Stella - 19 - Liquid Heart

- -my Stella - - 19
Liquid heart

On thy path not for life but for a moment's ease,
On thy heart a ray of hope,
my world of aloofness for peace and solace,
Millions of stars and friendship deep,
all vain for this restless being,
Thou might feel a confused being gibbering or unawakened to mobility,
the real theme of life,
Vain man to visualize dream as truthfulness.
Thou might feel uneasy feeling of strangeness,
Pity might fall for this wretchedness,
A mortal self to immortalise in vain the fleeting
thought of unusual passion,
anchoring in wee bosom for eternal love.
With deepest shrine of maiden flight into thy being a room do I dream not for love eternal but for now, the subtle moment,
In thy wonder and strange woe thou might not agree and grant this boon for me,
An era do I live in thy breath and for time beyond time.
In casual moment of thy thoughtlessness or in those flash thou art lost for pain of unknown pattern of mind,
I live in thee and in this liquid stillness of heart thou care for me unknown, unheard and mindlessness.

by Prabir Gayen

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pain of unknown pattern of mind, .....fine
Very good poem...... liquid heart...