My Stella - 2

My stella 2
The halo of spirit

My heart wast sealed and voice choked with thy view,
Thou cameth as nimbus from my painful heart,
Walkest straight along my bare being and thou looked erect,
The image of mine faltered and speechless dream,
Breath suspended as thou turned and looked outside,
Voiceless pishogu with halted fancy enticed,
With pain- flushed eyes thou looked into my heart, and like a senseless grotto I stood undecided,
A moment of eternal flame flushed inside, and outside on the lawn of thought sense vacuum,
A thousand lives: nay thousand deaths unequalled,
Thou went with half of my being and unaware, heartless stood I with shallow spirit, halo of thee.

by Prabir Gayen

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The state of being.....and dream...
Beautiful poem.... thanks..../////