Love With My Books

I want to fall in love
with my books so DEEP.
but whenever I try
I fall asLEEP.
I want to concentrate
on figures in my books.
Not figures of the girls
and their sexy LOOKS.
Don't know if this harmonal
or I am being CHEAP.
Please tell me if there is
any solution my FRIEND.
If I don't solve it
it will be a loss GRAND.
This study seems to me
counting hairs of a SHEEP.
I want to fall in love
with my books si DEEP.

by ranjeet singh

Comments (4)

For God sake, obey thy heart and listen to the pant and pulsation of my bust that oscillates in thy name.
Thou art in me as runnel and my mind pensive and plaintive, arrayed in thee as redolence in fast fading bloom.
Tremble my heart for unknown fear, Thou hast prescinded thy peeper for my distemper, Thy eyelid is my Zion and the church of my heart, Thy shredded look and dubious visage art grim and gruesome to my amative tenor, beau of thy feature,
Runnel of heart...fine poem on love.........