My Stella -28 - - Farewell

- - - My Stella - - 28

Thou saith changing thy face apart from me, ' adieu ', I consented,
Thou went of passively and with intense impunity.
Like a mallet burnt in pyre I nodded, thou parted , never to revert.
A glimpse that I saw in thine eyes vamoosed,
Empyrean in the grovelling heart of mine,
Dark shadow of my self engulfed me again and like a Gnostic spirit seized by apparition I boomed for repose in tranquility.
Thou moved and I retreated to my spooky wings.
Damnation dawned to me and I enjoyed tasting transgressions one by one, infringement of the stipulation that I made.
Empty mind sought solace in the cave of dream and I wast a lost aplomb.
I wast vanishing in the pit of despair, sliding to naught.
Soul becoming soulless , coagulated in pain to pray.
Thou wert my purging whet, presence of my presence.
Detached dreams, lacking eyes presage not the respite from the stupor of my heartlessness.

by Prabir Gayen

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Soul becoming soulless! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Beautiful poem about farewell