My Stella - Deliverance

My stella
- Deliverance -

Inside a deep dungeon,
a cheerless apparition inflaming in murky spunk,
a door to endless perdition.
Like a fallen angel I was doomed to
Infernal jest and solipsistic enjoyment.
A gleaming tongue blonde
Whitish with lust arbitrary to mortal
And fire spilling eyes to moult argument,
Devoured my inherent goodness to
Plunge into momentous exasperation.
A deep pain of debauchery and oblivious
Aficionado to weired rhapsody,
I cried in deep slumberous dalliance.
Under the Slough of anarchical transgression,
And hugeness of sin- consuming self-pity
I uttered your name in half drowse sense.
Like Daybreak to dissipate the darkness
I was resurrected from sin to supra consciousness.

by Prabir Gayen

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