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- My stella -


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Take me onto thee on thy
Love laden thorax's sheath,
A hungry soul am I out of life's
Merciless injury.
Hold me with thy teeming eyes,
Origination of elixir for this being
dimmed by Passion's coarse rhyme.
Let me die to live through thy panting
Trunk and breath through thy vein interim.
Pain attuned, fardel of untrained dream
emasculates this worshipper of thee,
Once shined with beatitude poured into
The empty vessel.
Laden eyed despond for the sin inexorable,
and the flux emanating from unknown
Moor of timeless shore,
Swaying me from known to unknown.
Eyes blurred with painful heart, and breath suspended for cold sweating that life
Ordains will find a path though pathless it seems on thy warm-hearted embrace
Beyond mind and time.

by Prabir Gayen

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