My Stella - Embrace

My Stella
Let me sleep
- - - - - -_- - - - -
Let me stay for at least a day
With my love's citadel braying
an emollient rest.
Let me die to the rest of the pasturage,
To be locked in her tepid embrace
against rush wriggle of North wind.
Let me be an unmindful, sagacious
Shepherd and fall on her spacious
and unexampled room of heart against
Unwilling onslaught of life.
Let me love and evanescence into the placenta
Of my leman's careful caress.
Let me sleep, a simple and illiterate sleep,
With no plethoric make up.
Let me breath with my soul evaporated
With the paternoster of her charmed spirit,
Her twisted heart's endearment for me,
a lay of reflective quietness.
Let me love and be osculated with
Bestowal of warm breath,
Eminence for this wretched self.

by Prabir Gayen

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