My Stella - Footprint

My stella

On my heart the footprint,
thou walked once for the love immaculate and no reason.
The heart is same but full of waves and aimless is its pulsation.
Words beautiful and eloquent figuratively,
And concoction of cosy intimacy knocked
Present into uncertain leisure.
This life of mine is a useless waiting and
Fruitless interaction between mind and no mind.
Thy broad eyes and smile conundrum
Announce passionless seclusion,
To unknown and painful dolour wealth to weak heart.
Life is a stretchless, blithering elastic
With no way to end,
Loss of love, care and loneliness art it's
Final alliance.
On thy kingdom beyond impetus
I find a place to breathe his last in silent destitution.

by Prabir Gayen

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