My Stella...My Cordial Shroud

My Stella
My cordial shroud

The green field with motile
Anemoi over fallen dew,
In severe cold the Boreas
And Eurus in hot summer
Did sway my childhood days
With careless becking to poorness.
A wretched soul with manifold
Illusions over life's elysian flam
I spent my term with suppressed
Volcanic ash.
Blooming mystic did discord
The song of my heart.
I was alone within the cave of my
Mythical shadow, a lover with no love.
Heart's panting desire evanished
at the hand of reality false.
The light that fell from the West despoiled
My energetic splurge.
Thou wert there on the lap of
Cosmic kingdom dreaming to
hold these feckless hands,
Now weak by life and time.
Thy eyes, life's dimensional perforation
For thy woeful, ill- stared sweeting
did glimpse the eternal concourse.
Hold me upon thy ambient disagreeing
The worldly unity with thy strong, clasping
Passion teemed with life's sterling gasp.
A faint, aged soul am I to fall upon thy
Merciful breast to die to be one with thee.

by Prabir Gayen

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