My Stella - The Sunny Selvage

My stella
Sunny selvage

The flowers bloomed and it's hue dispersed all around.
The heavy the lifting of pain for my
Heart's joy doth sail to my being under
The pie -eyed pain of my stella,
My soul's absolute sheath.
The cloud loose hangs and raindrops
Ooze drop by drop for the limp and
Venerable eyes of my love - my soul's
Crowning recourse.
The selvage of my stella doth hold not
for the quietness of my arduous and
Toilsome spirit.
Her interim pain and poised passion
For this woeful adorer of her is
the empyrean sphere.
Time's merciless injury and demotic
Trial will not hold me away from
My Stella's sunny fastening.

by Prabir Gayen

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