UL (17/12/1964 / Kalutara, Sri Lanka)

My Story


in the form of a She-dog
brought me one, two, three ………………
I was spinning under the tree
by the pond,

‘Stop, You are my prey'

seven hundred times ……….. yet in vain
the yellow thread
denied the taste of delicious alien flesh.

Finally, He came
truly an elegant human form
Asian form of Adonis
got deceived and
lured to his masculinity.

Suddenly weapons drawn, threats imposed
and violence unleashed
made subservient Spinner-Hermit
forced to proclaim the kingship
by aiding a bloody massacre.

Sixteen-year-old beautiful and lustful wench
with fabulous garments
performed all feminine roles
in a splendid bed
persuaded the ecstatic husband
to make thousands and thousands of connubial vows.

Here ends the First Part of my story.


Happiness short-lived but
the better moments revealed
the bitter truths of past.
What on earth the Gods Indra and Upulvan
protected these rouges?

‘We humans are afraid of non-humans' -

A man who was expelled twice
for evil conduct, this change is nothing.
Good that the wives and children landed separate.

‘Lord, you must be consecrated in kingship' -
‘Needs a different consecration,
they demanded', I was convinced.
He too was fond of a Ksastriya princess.
Going to marry elephants, jewellery,
palaces, horse and chariots and pedigree
instead of Fidelity and Love.

Betrayer is betrayed.

Pandyan Princess from Madura will arrive soon
with their own type,
thousand coins is the worth of my commitment.
No regrets, the sins should be paid off
but these innocent children …..?

Here ends the Second Part of my story.


She was received with two children
After leaving the husband-father - ‘King of Beast',
She married and lived happily …. I suppose.

She went to the Beast,
the Beast came to me.
Lion got infatuated with Her
Here, I got infatuated with him
But no soothsayer ever predicted
such a catastrophe.

My Son is small and cannot fight with the father
Killing has been our art yet ………..
how to kill him?

‘Why are you and father so different? '

our children never asked
but there was a mismatch.

They fled from the Cave
I was asked to leave.
Can turn clothes into splendid garments
Can turn leaves into golden vessels
Can have a grand ceremony
Rings, necklaces and thali of our own make
Would there be an Anura?

No use of waiting ………
I have to go to the very ones
I have betrayed…… irony of Life.

‘You stay here, when I call only you should come'.

I, ‘the Ugly hair',
tarnished the image of our clan
with that horrendous deed.

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A wonderfully written and entertaining piece, Upul. Thanks