EK (29-09-1996 / Imo State.)

My Story

My story is gory
It is not in hurry
It is in the air we breathe

My story passes always before men
It waves at their stoic
And patience is its virtue

My story died in redress
It was assassinated in court
It died in the eyes of the judge

My story was seduced to death
By the little fire in the mouth
It parted at the sight of mournful witnesses

It was altered at the shout of order
It became my bride at the sight of bribe
I married it to feed my eyes

It's never complacent with its fluidic food
Which hurts my Iris
And beds it in pains

My story is my heart's curry
It will not scurry
Until every heart worry

My story is a dove
Whose dog died from inception
It's every form of inhumanity that breathes on earth


by Ekwueme Kelechi

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