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Poem By Sylvi Hart

**Ok I'm actually trying to write a novel composed completely of poems, this is the beginning, comment plz <3**

Leaves silently drift to the ground,
Gracefully, yet carelessly, forming a mound
He kicks the mound, and the beautiful, colorful leaves fly away
It's the beginning of the first Autumns day.

He continues forward, walking at a steady pace
He slowly pulls the ski mask down over his face
His breathing is more rapid now, more deep
He enters the corner shop, raises his gun, and everyone scatters like scared little sheep.

He approaches the scared little woman behind the counter and pints to the till
Hand over the cash, everyone else remain still
With trembling hands, and fear in her eyes, she hands him the money, then reaches for the phone as he walks away with his prize.

Once he is out of the shop, he shoves the money into his coat
Then sprints all the way home, making a mental note
Don't rob a shop when it's full of people, it's incredibly dumb
Then he frowns and pours himself some more rum
He starts as he hears the door burst open, but relaxes when he see's it's her
She smiles, and walks to the sofa, taking off a new coat made of fur.

Darling, be careful, that was a close call
We need to be cautious, we have to stand tall
She slides down beside him, wine in her hand
We have to get there, honey, before the plane lands.

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i like it! ! Defenitly write more lol xoxoxxxxxxx Black Rose
As an intended first part of a collection to make a book it's very interesting thus far, good rhymes and motion, hope to read the rest.
very good you are a great writer

4,8 out of 5
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