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My Stranger
SO ( / Wigan, Lancashire, UK)

My Stranger

Poem By Sheila O'Donovan

The wind was blowing hard one night as I lay awake in my room,
thoughts of being on my own was like sitting in a cold, dark tomb.
I got out of my bed and slowly crept downstairs.
I was afraid that someone may hear me then away went all my cares.
I went into the kitchen and pulled open the big oak door,
I stepped out into the garden, oh how the wind did roar.
I ran down to the river and walked across the bridge.
I made my way across the fields up to the highest ridge.
I knew I come for something but the reason I didn't know,
Looking down to the meadow I knew I had to go.
Running across the meadow the long grass was up to my waist,
Strange feelings went through me, death I could even taste
Passing through a tunnel of trees.
they rustled madly in the breeze.
Branches clutching at my arms willing me to stop
I waved my arms and gave a scream, I wish the wind would drop.
I came across a little a house that looked so dark and scary
a voice came from within me and told me to be wary
As I walked up the path to that dark and lonely place
the lightening streaked across the sky, I could clearly see his face
He made a move towards me and I quickly backed away
Then I heard his deep low voice say "Don't run away please stay"
His big black cape was blowing like a sail upon a ship
the thunder lashed around us like a huge invisible whip
He pulled me now towards him, I felt his grip so tight.
I had to give in, I knew I couldn't fight.
I looked deep into his eyes they were as black as coal.
I felt his strength and his power touch my very soul.
There was I locked in his embrace,
Standing there face to face.
I gave to him life then, I gave to him my all,
and I will always give to him whenever I hear his voice call
Who is this strange man, I may never know
This sad and lonely man will never let me go
Stay with me stranger for we will never part,
I could love no other for I've given you my heart.

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