Love At First Sight

There she stands in the distance
Beauty enimating from deep within
Radiating a brillant blinding light
Intoxicated by her beauty
I struggle to breathe
As my heart pounds agains my chest
Drumming to a furious beat
I choke on my words as I try to speak
Silent I remain
In awe of such a gorgeous soul
Hoping that she would notice me

Then that angelic voice asks:
'Hey, do you know what time the bus comes? '
And I trip over my words as I respond:
'Ah....bout 6: 20 but its always running late'
'Thanks' was the reply
Then I saw it
The most gorgeous smile

Then like a mirage she dissappeared
But her image remained
Forever burnt into my mind's eye
Imprinted deep in the recessess of my brian
So that she comes to me in the dream world
Forever together, forever joyous
Until the end of time
How i dread waking up
To face the living world of my false reality
How I wish my dreams would come true

So I search for her every place I go
Hoping that one day our paths might meet again
And that I have the courage to say
All the wonderful feelings I have for her
And the magic in my life she made.

by Paolo Giovanni Lonewolf Marra

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Beautiful timeless poem, so well penned by you Becky, Love duncan XXX Father of two amazing girls! ! ! ! ! ! !