(23/12/94 d/m/y / a hospital)

My Strength

This is to everyone that didn’t care
When they should have
And to everyone who didn’t love me
When they should have

I’m growing and learning fast
And I don’t need any of you
And I’m not grateful for the crap,
You put me through

I won’t stand for the shit anymore
I’m not going to stand here and take it
I won’t let you slap me around
I said I won’t take the shirt!

I’ll accomplish my dream without you
Because I really don’t need you
If you don’t care neither do I
Don’t love me? Well fine!

I can live my life just fine
Don’t need people to make me cry
I’ll always remember the pain
And I’ll build strength off it

So do what you want
Say what you want
I’m unstoppable
No one can stop me
Not even you….my family

by LaTisha Parkinson

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Sometimes you have to give yourself all the love others did not give you. You deserve that. Very well put, LaTisha - hang in there! Best Wishes, Marilyn