My Strength And Rock

A Mum is a woman who a Daughter looks up to for love and affection,
I have received that in abundance, along with your care and attention.

You always see the overall picture, which has enabled you to soften the blows as they have arrived,
Without you as my strength and rock, I don’t know how I would have survived.

Over the years I have grown to be older and wiser, though I may not show it when I’m under a lot of stress,
But its all down to you mum, through your passion, devotion and you sheer commitment and tenderness.

There is no book on how to be an unbelievable parent like you are, you just gave it your all,
When times got hard, no matter what the situation you picked me up from my fall.

You have shown me many things in life which I’m extremely grateful for,
Not only are you my Mum, but you’re my best friend who I adore.

You have given me drive and determination to tackle everything as it arises,
And that is a valuable lesson, because we both know life is full of surprises.

Eventually if I become a wife and a mother I can draw on your inspiration,
You are the greatest role model I could have ever asked for and that’s no exaggeration.

Thanks to you everyday that has gone by is another step towards a better life and future,
And that would be a distant dream if it wasn’t for your constant protection and nurture.

Words can’t express what you mean to me even though I really do try,
All that is left to say is I will be thankful and love you until the day I die.

Wrote This For A Friend To Give To There Mother.

by Robert Dunbar

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