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My Strength
SZ (August 12 1988 / BridgeWater, New Jersey)

My Strength

I don't have the strength
to face you any
I use to be strong and healthy
but, now I am weak
and I don't know if i can still hear my
heart beat

It took all the strength I
had to get over you but,
I am still not over you and
I have no more strength to give
you anymore.

You took all strength I
had and now I can only lie
down in my bed and think
about you and me when
we where together.


Can I have my strength
back you back stabing

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Comments (2)

if u wrote this about someone then you shouldnt let him get to you. by the sound of this peom, he probably was a jerk.
I love this poem! you go girl. i would like to read more of ur work