GSG (05/31/62 / Milwaukee, WI)

My Struggle Within

With resolve I will make it
fighting the battle nameless to you
A deep secret I mustn’t reveal
for fear of your disfavor

Tendencies to do the scandalous,
to think of the darkness
Wondering if it’s conceivable
to walk that narrow road

Unlike those around me
whom seem to do what’s true
Powerless to live up to the expectations
to explain my feelings…my deepening feelings

A mêlée of right or wrong?
do’s or don’ts?
Can’t or won’t?
until my strength has left me

I look for absolution
a hint of favor or excuse
Something to fortify my determination
a little support, my friend

Yes, it’s not if I lose
or if I win
It’s really how long
I can endure the struggle within

by Gary Scott Gebert

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