My Stubborn Pride

Our music plays in my mind
even as the shadows slowly fade
A few memories are left aglow
of when our love was on parade

A day with the sun just dawning
a breeze that spread perfume
The flutter of birds and bees
awakening fragrant blooms

Just love me one more time
from the night til the next day
Gather me close in your arms
when it's done, just go away

I had begged you to stay
to kiss me just once more
to let me memorize your scent
as you twirled me round the floor

The bed was cold and empty
where your body used to lay
The warmth of your essence
I wished it never went away

I rode the bus for days and days
never once picking up a phone
The carnival lights were blinding
but I had to make it on my own

My head bent toward the ground
while ran in the pouring rain
memories of your tender kisses
racing wildly through my brain

Your kisses had set me on fire
I'd never had felt that way before
never dreamt a man would touch me
and lay down upon the floor

The aura around us was vibrant
with me in lace and you in leather
I never dreamt we would soon part
I thought we'd always be together

You called one day to talk
I just slammed down that phone
How dare you think I need you -
I've made this far on my own

But my bed is still cold & empty
with no one to warm that side
I have no one to hold or love me
but I still have my stubborn pride

by Linda Racaniello

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