My Submission

I do not submit to you because
I can not handle life's situations...
My submission is not a sign of weakness.
I submit to you because
I love to see you as the Man that God created you to be.
And because
it brings me joy as a woman.
I submit to you because I trust you
with my heart,
my very life and soul.
I do not miss you because
I can't handle my own choices...
I miss you for who you are
because I never loved you for
what you could, can and will do...
My submission comes out of
my strength...
it shows that everyday I willingly bend my will
to yours,
to bring you pleasure...
which also brings me pleasure and I am
complete in this.
Without you as Master...
to be a woman.
A strong woman.
I choose to share that part of me with you.

(5th December 2006)

by Khauri Teverbaugh

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