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My Sugar Coated Star
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

My Sugar Coated Star

Poem By Helgard du Preez

Look into my eyes; you’ll see a reflection of yourself, filling my inner space
There you’ll see one star that I so much embrace
A stellar phenomenon with the sunniest shine
Filling my heart with the rarest minerals to mine

One dazzling star that eclipse from the rest, No Jupiter, nor no Mars
This goes beyond the most incredible stars
24 Years ago a new star have been born
Precious and rare, she lights up my dawn

Darkness have traveled light years through my veins
Black holes reeling asteroids to my domains
This star had an atmosphere made of gold
That made each and every asteroid fold

Orbiting and lost into space
This is the unknown that I have to face
Take my hand and fly with me
I am blind and need ‘you to see

You’re warmth have lead me into the Milky Way
This is the place where I have to stay
A star that is made from the sweetest sugar crust
That I’ll love till the day I turn to dust...

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