The End

Sore sarcasms of hysterical hypocrisy preach
To the tenderly messed up mammoth ears of pastors who practice not what they preach
Gays marry now, ways vary and monarchs vow
To change the world that's hurled unto the ground by nepotism
Psychiatric hospitals can't contain the hostile lyricism
Of a poet who speaks more truth than twenty bibles encrypted in the mind of a catholist
It's rare now in your Gospel to find a rapist vocalist
Who sings amazing grace
How sweet is the sound that leads to hell and puts you in satan's place
The factories of life negate the real worries on strife and abort us
Write your obituary of joy
And let the churched minions destroy the virginity of your daughters.

by raymond letsitsa

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Everyday and every night im alone i have no one I just want to die
good poem i can relate to it to as soon as i get more poems on here you should read mine also i have one on here right know
this poem relates to me som much if anyone wants to talk my email address is
hey gd poem u feel the same way as me. should read some of my poems see if u relate n i need more comments: (got hardly any x x x megz