WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Swan Song

A vision of perfection, I must stare
Your arms, legs, your body, and your hair
With you, I can find happiness
You are the one I want to caress
So it was written and so it must be told
It is you I want to have and to hold
At my window sat a single turtle dove
For I don't want to live without your love

It rains all day since you are not here
My mind is in a daze no longer I see clear
On you all the money I would spend
I love you too much to ever be your friend
Your voice seems to mess up my brain
But I can't wait to hear it again
I love all the things that you do
That is why I can't wait to hear from you

Good morning sadness, please go away
Times I wonder how I make through the day
Please tell me how can I release the pain?
Knowing you'll never come home again
I'm dying inside without you here
I hunger for your love but do you even care
Loves fire I'm still burning
For your love, I'm still yearning
My heart has been wounded very badly
But my life to you I would give gladly

My joy has gone I'm in a constant sad mood
Left behind to live a life of solitude
I gave you my best, I gave you my all
On my knees, for you, I would crawl
My love comes in all different kinds
But for you, I would have died a thousand times

From God's grace, I fell
Pain and sorrow I know them well
I can't sleep at night anymore
Heartache is my sickness and love's the cure
I thought that you were special that certain kind
Now crazy thoughts run thru my mind

Dark as the night, cold as the winters
Closed the door, no love longer enters
Words them to sway you I can't find
Cause you have left me so far behind
No one loves me, no one really cares
When you look back will I still be there
I hear the angels, I hear there call
Saying it's better to have loved than not at all

From your love, I will never recover
For you have been my one and only lover
My love, freely I can never give away
I will always love you till the end of day
Darkness surrounds me now that you're gone
Night cometh no longer the dawn
Pushed aside I'm no longer strong
For in your arms, I truly belong
Remember the one that loved you no matter how you look
For my heart and soul is what you took

Young and innocent they have not a clue
So punish me but them too
Foolish is the man that thinks of no other
See the signs and remember the father
What you give is what you'll get
For what you do one day you will regret

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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