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My Sweet Beautiful Angel

My Sweet Beautiful Angel
Sent To Earth From Above. I prayed for you before we met,
Not knowing who you would be.
I asked the lord to send me an ANGEL, one chosen just for me.

I Am So Grateful To Have Found You.
You Must Have Come From Heaven above, Because Your Beauty Is Not Of This World. An ANGEL to help and guide me in the troubles of these days. So often in life I need someone to listen and talk to me,
and you were there. You are that ANGEL that I can confide in an that angel that refuses to judges me,
When I Look At You My Heart Begins To Beat, And I Begin To Live life For The First Time.

The narrow road I've choose to follow
may sometimes make me stumble.
Your Sweet Angelic Voice
Continuously Rings In My Ears. Because you are the angel that catches me when I fall and teach me to be humble.
With You Near Me, With Me, There Is Nothing I Fear.

The beautiful angel that you are you always make me feel at my best even when I’m at my lowest.

I asked the Lord if he could send me an ANGEL, though I thought many came and went. He told me Yes on one Easter day, and sent me a special ANGEL from above,
for you are the ANGEL he sent.
So Heaven Is Missing
An Angel, Because You Are Here With Me.
You Are A Sweet, Beautiful Angel, And You Will Be My Angel Till Eternity.

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