WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Sweet Desire Is

I am the fish and you my beauty the fisherman's lure
You, my debutante, lifted me to heights unreachable before
You are the captain of my ship and I your chief steward amour
Surround by love safe, solid, and secure

Your beautiful lips I dream to kiss
Nothing in life could be any more perfect that this
To gaze into your eyes forever is what I would wish
To leave you behind would be simply foolish

A single glance leaves me in such anguish
A true work of art that I want to publish
In ornaments of gold you I would lavish
Grown I am for me you to have would be selfish

Wearing attire in settings urban so stylish
Hip-hop vernacular yet still gorgeously girlish
Time I would spend longer than a fortnight
I burn for you a thousand degrees Fahrenheit

A life in your arms I most desire
Burning for you I now in a hellfire
A single touch is all that I require
In chambers darken passions erupts as appetites transpire

From a distance you I admire
You have set my soul completely afire
Engulfed in your flames my mind goes haywire
You are most precious gift I could ever acquire

Caught in the web I am as helpless as a fly
To linger in your arms I cannot deny
You are my love, you are hotter than July
For the job as your lover, I would be the first to apply

On a Chinese jaunt me you can shanghai
To make you touch the sky I would ever try
I would never leave you on standby
Loving I have in abundance and amply supply

Your every wish I will fulfill
Please take me and do with me what you will
Your vision down my spine shedding massive chills
I your most learned student with surprising skills

Peeling grapes for you to eat
Laying dormant at your delicate feet
Desired sensations tender, sublime, and sweet
A feast to die for in the summer's heat

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