AR (6/19/90 / )

My Sweet Insanity

My world is pink and black
Made of paint and carpenter’s hats!
Your world is dull and plain –
Hail the living of the sane!

Pain is overrated
I play alone here instead!
It’s all just a wicked game –
I’ll never let my emotions stain!

It’s easier when the clouds are green
The grass is better blue!
Here is where the lost ones sing –
They’re waiting now for you!

I’m done with the world I knew
I created my own instead!
Don’t try to pull me out –
I wont hear a word you said!

I’m too far away
In a place inside my soul!
It’s alright if you don’t see –
Earth’s never where I wanted to be!

They tell me I’m crazy
But really I’m smart!
I became numb –
Now no more grief can start!

I walk through stained-glass halls
Strange voices singing 'round!
Loss tears from within –
But they tell me to push it down!

Now purple fairies dance on by
Holding hands in glee!
In sunlight flowers bloom –
At night they fly to me!

Don’t feel sorry for me
The only one who escaped!
Instead grieve for yourselves –
Lost in your world of pain!

Here everything’s immortal
All physical never ends!
Here I don’t have to pay –
Sorrow has no where to stay!

I’ll never take your hand
Stop trying to set me free!
Why can’t you see? –
My sweet insanity is the place I want to be!

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I really liked this poem, i thought it was an excellent peice of work.