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My Sweet Little Baby.....

My sweet little baby, when you were born into my life
you made me to forget my worries and strife
I can recollect the day your mother and me met
and we prayed God to have a lovely little baby like you
Our God pleased with our prayers and given you to us
Now, I daily thank God and forever will be in his debt
Today you are such a precious child who bright our home
I see your two tiny feet that cycle in the air and
your tiny hands are pulling your hair.
Your sweet little face brings joy to us and we forget the world
When I get up in the morning then you are fastest sleep
When I say good night then you don't allow me to sleep
You want me to hold and tucked up against my chin
Your mother wants me to write a poem about you
but what can I write about you when you are the poem
You are my shining star I reach to hold you around
and hugs you with my love that I have blessed for.
That's the joy of parenthood we have for while.

by Ravi Sathasivam

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