JR (28/06/90 / Sheffield)

My Sweet Little Child

As I watch you dance and play, you say
“Mummy, will I be a dancer? ”
And I say..
“Darling, with your little feet,
And your little arms, you can do anything ”

You looked at me and,
You smiled, a smile that could,
Make even the cruellest people smile
You laughed, a laugh that could,
Make even the unhappiest person laugh
You danced, a dance that could,
Make even the spirits stare with envy

As I watched you sing and play you say,
“Mummy, will I singer? ”
And I say
“Darling, with your talent,
And your angelic face you can do anything”

You looked at me with,
Those soulful eyes, eyes that could,
Awaken delight in an old man full of grief
You hold my hand with,
That soft touch that could
Soften the roughest edges of the earth
You loved me with,
The love mother’s only dreams of;
A daughter’s love,
For her mother

You smiled, yet another smile
And leave me for a little while
Rejoicing all I have
And that is
You, My sweet little child

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Comments (4)

Im touched by this voice 'the Voice of a mother'
very charming, Jodi. some very nice touches here.
A sweet little poem, Jodi. I like the simplicity of it.
Quite lovely Jodi, 'soften the roughest edges of the earth' a sweet thought : -)