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My Sweet Love
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My Sweet Love

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

I feel that I have known you for infinity
There seems a certain familiarity in the wind
As I wait for your concealed presence
To reveal itself to me

You are like a grain of sand calling my name
In the middle of a desert
From across the five oceans of the earth
My power will wash you towards me

I can see you in my dreams
Your beauty is beyond imagination
It’s a spiritual one
A dimensional physicality which cannot be
Compared to that of a diamond

My sweet love
I know you are near
And you can silently hear
Me drawing you like an electron towards me
I have grown and learnt in wisdom
And I’m ready for your world and mine to merge
A completeness of trust
An eternity of a unified satisfaction of needs

The universe is yours and mine
Now to meet by chance
Or rather an amicable unconscious decision
For our meeting to be

My sweet love
The wheel of your sensual touches
Awakens me
And almost sets me free
Let it be I say
It is a sign
That the wheels must spin
With continuous swiftness

Here I am
A complete psychopath
Still within the conformity of the law
Still at the mercy of society
Waiting for that saving grace
To absorb me at a slow pace

© Sylvia Chidi- 17 October 2005

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