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My Sweet Mama

My Sweet Mama

Poem By Kaitlyn Leighsomething

She's as nice as can be
But sometimes I wish she
Would go fly a kite.
She's so cool, all my friends adore her
Shes so sarcastic everything seems to bore her
I love her a lot though
Even when she makes me shovel snow
She makes me clean my room
And use my toothbrush as a broom
I love her with everything in me...
BUT, she's enough to make a preacher drink whiskey.
We've had really great times and I wouldn't trade them for anything
I can't wait to see what she makes tomorrow bring!

Haha, thats my sweet mama for you. I love her a lot. And some of those things aren't even true. I just do that to get on her nerves. I hope she likes my poem though.: P

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