My Sweet Mother

My mother
The beauty of morning dew
Shining crystal
Great cuisine of centuries
Fresh cinnamon
Even thousand times fresher than panacea

My mother
Hundred years to be eulogized
And hundred years ahead to come
Before the heavy thousand sleep of centuries
Goes with her

My mother
Your old honey lust stays awake
But the darkness dropp again
I will love you more even than a thousand flood
Your memories shall not go on dust
My long dripping tears shall pronounce your name
In order to preserve your memories
My mother.

Where am i....?
Dreams that torments
Dreams that burden
Dreams take you to your past
Dreams scream you to the future
Dreams freeze your progress
Dreams bid you forget your loved ones
Though far and few are truly yours

Can’t i hope?
To be someone with dignity
With courage
I force my eyes and heart to open
To what teaches us how to live
But can i be free from dreams?

Why do dreams harass my mind?
Dreams live in every one’s heart
Dreams may live or die
What golf between?
Dreams and realities.

by Jamila.i. Bello girei

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