My Sweet Obsession

You keep me smiling, you chase away my blues,
my spirits are high when I’m with you.
My days are long, when you’re gone.
just barely existing when I’m alone.

To see your face, to feel your embrace,
awakens feelings that surpass time or space.
Your laughter rings out clear and crystalline,
it touches that secret place within.

A place reserved for so few,
its occupancy filled to the brim with you.
Don’t want to satisfy this emotional thirst,
I want to drink from your cup
until my heart bursts.

In the still of the darkness
and the quiet of the night,
when I lie in bed holding my pillow tight,
just before I fall asleep counting
my blessin’s, I never forget
to mention
my sweet obsession.

by Cassandra Boyd

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A beautifully rendered ode to love.