KP (3rd of september / Lister Hospital)

My Sweetheart

The softness of your lips
Makes me tremble with excitement
As they slowly touch mine
I feel like I'm in heaven

I know this may sound cheesy
But babe I couldn't care less
My feelings for you are never-ending
Loving you is what keeps my heart beating

I mean every time I see you
I just want to hold you and never let go
The reason I love you so much
Is the fact that you are my everything

Remember when we first met
It's the day I will never forget
The moment I your gleaming eyes caught mine
I knew you were the one for me

So this is a poem
About my love for you
You are my world and always will be
My sweetheat

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I think your poem is beautiful. I am also in love and your poem describes everything I feel for him.