BT (December 17,1964 / Canada)

My Sweetheart's Sigh In A Midnight Sky

From the gabled glints of a sunset mint
another soothing stroll along lamplit streets
to a golden sunrise with celestial surprise
you and i rocking till dawn shakes the bleaks

For blissful whispers of songbird serenades
chasing away wayward winters snow on the mountain
wandering thru a pinetree landscape in a Spring shower
following moraine trail to Robson Glacier mounting an engaging escapade

Astride liveried horses the merry go round we strobe
trod the path narrow as a razor's edge
together viewing rainbows joyfully
Salvation, no other end

i would set forth a thousand times to fetch thee a starlit sky
casting all beneathe your silk clad sandalled feet
four white chargers drawing us nearer and dearer
a wondrous window onto world's steppe, heart's endearment
all i ever wished my sweetheart's sigh in a midnight sky

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