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My Sylvan Reed

My sylvan reed, I take in hand*
And dip it in my gold ink-stand
And conjure reminiscences of bygone days
How happiness was a normal state
Your love and kisses would not abate
We were singled out by feckless Fate
Lo! These are the times I want to praise

I put your love constantly to the test
You earned the grade that was the best
I couldn’t believe this wondrous love was real
I thought this happy state of bliss
Would never run amuck, amiss
You’d never be reclusive, never remiss
Alas! That’s how I thought we’d always feel

What has happened o’er our love-swept plains
What brought on the storms and torrential rains
What dashed us back from ecstasy’s euphonic realm
Declarations of love for me you still fondly say
But sadly you’re not with me, you stay away
You’ve taken the radiance and joy from my day
Behold! Sadness does sorrowfully overcast, overwhelm

*from Akaki Tsereteli


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