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My Teacher

I wanted your assistance to be educated.
My hand in the air I waited.
But you didn't acknowledge me.
I wanted to be seen and I thought you'll see.
I was yearning to grow my skills.
You did it for you, you did it for frills.
Was it because I was black?
You position me 3 years back.
I felt neglected, struggled throughout.
I could of misbehaved, I could of gave in with a shout.
That's what you wanted, so you thought and you plotted.
You're wicked, my dreams you trotted.
I didn't give up on my dreams and goals.
You didn't play the teacher, you played monster roles.
You didn't even like me.
You didn't even try.
All I wanted is your attention to educate my mind.
In my needs you were blind.
But teacher I was only eight I didn't know what to do'
If you knew how I felt would you undo?
You gave me a pen and paper.
You said ‘dip the pen in the ink and use the blotting paper to soak up the ink'
And copy what is on the board, you stared without a blink.
I turned my head around to see the others.
They were all different and they knew what to do.

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