AO (December 7,1989 / Mexico)

My Teacher

The dead poet sat at my side.
His breath inspired my pen
And his presence inspired deadly themes.

As I write lethal words
That hurt the human's heart
A vision of light
A vision of tenderness
Captivated my sight.

Amazed I was
When my vision
A woman became.
The sweetness of her melodious voice
Inspires the songbird's symphonies.
The beauty of her divine presence
Inspires the peacock's colorful feathers.

As time around the divine presence froze, so did my poetic companion.
I stood
And I walked,
As if guided by the gods themselves,
To her gracious presence;
Where I sat and wrote
this poem to honor the moment
When my eyescould not believe
Such beautyand tenderness
Could be embodied in a person
That truly exists.

Although her essence
Cannot be named
By common words,
Her body has
Such a sweet and
Gracious name,
That the gods vow when said
For the promise
Of a whisper of her name
And a glimpse of her essence

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This poem was written during a study session in school. My poem talks about me lacking inspiration due to science work. I was not feeling my best but when I came in, the teacher was waiting with a smile; it changed my day I was in a better mood afterwards.