My Teaching Shall Not Be In Vain

If I can help a student find his way,
Instead of struggling from day to day,
Set one of his sails and plot the way,
Then my teaching shall not be in vain.

If I can teach a student to give respect,
Admit ones errors and all mistakes,
Encourage all students to do the same,
Then my teaching shall not be in vain.

A Good Name Don't tarnish my good name
And leave a stain.
It took me a lifetime to earn this thing
Only a second can run my name
If I'm careless and do the wrong thing
I try to be careful about my good name,
That's why you don't see me doing everything.
I try to heed the things I hear,
To keep my name high and dear,
So he who robs me of my good name
Has done for me, The worse of things.

by Hosezell Blash

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