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My Tears Are All Dried Up

i want to cry but there are no more tears
its like my heart has closed his ears
once i had a heart full of love
now the lord has made a change from above

put your trust in god almighty
in his hand he holds us very tightly
we dont always understand the reasons why
sometimes we have to tell the ones we love goodbye

if i stood at the end of my days
i would see the good of his ways
for now i can onely hope and pray
please lord give me strength for today

once my heart was young and full of fight
my life was filled with energy and light
once my heart did not know fear
back then my mind was strong and clear

please lord give me back my light
help me regain my reason to fight
make me strong enough to trust again
i need my heart to conquer fear again

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Beautifuly sad piece, Wilhelm...PristineRhyme pattern.Well structured...Your roeful storyline choice is both endearing & captivating...Solid Penning... ~ F.j.R. ~