My Tears For You Are All Drying Up.

It hurts so bad to see you leave me all alone again. For the last couple of months in the three years we have been together I have cried my self to sleep. I asked you to please stay you said you have to go away. Time has passed, feels like the pain wont last. Now when its time to sleep no tears fall. I just rock myself to sleep now. If leaving me this way continue, eventually one day the pain is going to fade away. Someday my love for you will fade away. When that day comes when I fall asleep no tears, no rocking just get in my bed and go to sleep. I will be leaving you behind to figure out, You messed up you ran out of time. Just to let you know loving and leaving you is not a crime. It feels like a punishment for a man who has no time.

by keytrona johnson

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