My Teddy Bear

I very simply don't recall
when Jimmy came to me.
I was only two years old;
he came from across the sea.

My Grandma in South Wales
sent one to sis and me.
How could I then appreciate
how important he would be?

He was a golden teddy bear,
his head would turn around
and arms and legs did move,
but he didn't make a sound.

I played with him for hours and hours
He was my bestest friend.
I knew he'd always be with me
until the bitter end.

At some time in my childhood,
his eyes somehow got lost.
I rummaged in Gram's button box
and all around them tossed.

I found two of shiny gold
and then I sewed them on.
Happy with my repair work,
I played with him thereon.

When I became too old for toys,
he was put into a drawer.
Carefully preserved and saved,
I closed my childhood door.

After many, many years,
I took him out one day.
I decided I was old enough
to go back to my play.

Now he sits beside my bed,
in his own rocking chair.
I take lots of comfort that
he's always sitting there.

I have gone up to my room
with camera in hand.
Have snapped for you his picture,
so you will understand.

by Terry Hoffman

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