My Teddy Bear

A child sits in the corner,
robbed of her innocence;
for the ones who live in her home,
have betrayed her love and trust.

She sings, as she gently rocks her
Teddy Bear;
wondering what life would be like
out there.

She sighs as she holds her bear
upon her knee;
and tells him her many secrets,
all of which she knows he will keep.

'I love you Teddy Bear' she says,
as she pulls him close to her;
'I accept you for the way that you
are, tattered and missing some fur.

I would never hurt you, and I'd
never call you a name;
'Do you think they see me as tattered
too, is that why they're so ashamed?

I try so very hard to please them,
sweet Teddy Bear of mine;
to love, honor and respect them, and
to always be gentle and kind.

I hate it when each night, you have
to watch everything that they do;
but I need you so desperately, I just
can't let go of you.

I don't know if you understand, some
of the things that they do;
but it is a mystery I can not solve,
for I haven't got a clue.

The only thing that I think about,
while they're treating me as they do;
is that it will soon be over, and
when they leave I'll still have you.

So let me rock you Teddy Bear, and
sing you some lulabyes;
for soon the Sun will go down, and all
you'll hear are my desperate cries'.

by Ruth warren

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