My Television Set

Her face brightens with the light,
I thought of playing with her in the night.
There was no trace of soul in my room,
Yet the car ouside sounded with a ''vroom'
She sat on the table with a smile,
A distance less than a mile.
She welcomed me in such lonliness,
I eagerly responded but in holiness.
I gazed at her with such lust,
But flashed the lust with trust.
As if to go into her,
And have a touch of her curly hair.
I touched her nipples, sure to put her on,
My heart stops at sound of the horn.
That was only a sigh from the air,
I sat down yet the vision was clear.
For a moment i was attentive and hot,
The blood in me felt as if to clot.
I touched her and kissed,
And thought not to blot her vision from the list.
After a turn, she sounded high and wailed,
My instincts feared as i if i would be jailed.
Dad opens the door with a straight vision,
And said, son, turn down the sound of the television.

by Aboagye David

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