My Testimony

Praise the Lord, "MY SINS ARE FORGIVEN AND FORGOTTEN", and "I KNOW THAT I KNOW" the Lord has saved me.
My greatest desire is "FILL ME LORD".
I have his assurance that "GOD'S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR ME".
I desire others to "MEET JESUS MY FRIEND" that we all are "SOWING AND REAPING" every day and I only want to sow good seeds,
and "I ASK IT IN JESUS NAME" and "THE GREATEST GIFT" I ever received God's Gift the Lord Jesus.
I praise his name.
I know that I am "A CHOSEN ONE".
Praise the Lord, one day "I SHALL LAY DOWN THIS BODY OF CLAY".
I know there are times "WHEN THINGS GO WRONG" but I have the Lord that maketh all things right.
Praise his name, I know he has given me "THE BLESSED HOLY SPIRIT", who writes in "MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BOOK" and I know "THE LORD IS COMING" and "THE LORD WILL TAKE ME TO A CITY" the place he went to prepare for me.
I can say "GET BEHIND ME OLD SATAN" I know I can never anoint him for his burial, because he died once and for all.
But I can speak what he wanted spoken, "FOR A MEMORIAL FOR HER", who did anoint him for his burial, as he wanted it spoken for a memorial for her, and I know "THE LORD WILL TAKE CARE OF MY DYING".
Praise his wonderful name - "REACHING OUT FOR YOU LORD" is what I want to do, so the lost and dying sinners can know about you Jesus.
There will be times, "WHEN A TIME OF TESTING COMES TO YOU".
It came to Jesus too; but we have him to see us thru.
So "JUST THINK" about it, his mercy and goodness he extends to us and he will give me "THE DESIRE OF MY HEART" when I am trusting and walking with "JESUS" my Lord, my God, and my soon coming King.
I praise the Lord for Salvation.
"IT LASTS FOREVER" because I have "MY LIFETIME GUARANTEE", in God's word.
I know because "MY LORD IS RISEN" that I shall live forever also, and that "MY HEAVENLY FATHER IS A RIGHTEOUS JUDGE".
Because of what Christ did at Calvary I have no fear of the judgement, Praise the Lord!
I pray that I will always be ready to point the lost to the Lord Jesus Christ so it will never be said "NO MAN CARETH FOR MY SOUL", because Jesus cared so much for the Souls of man that he layed down his life for them.
He wants them to know of his love.
And I want them to know also.

by Lillian Curnutt

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